Here is a brief summary of our custom software solutions:

  RegMan, the Registration Management System, is currently in use by three centers for adult and continuing education in the Boston metropolitan area. The current version of RegMan is written in Omnis7 with an Oracle database. A ground-up rewrite will be in production in 2007, running in Omnis Studio against an OpenBase database. RegMan runs on Macintosh OSX and Windows platforms. RegMan consists of two modules: the Term Construction Kit is used to build and maintain course, term, and instructor data. The Registration Manager handles student, registration, and accounting functions.
  The Course Registration System was written for the Massasoit School to handle enrollment, administrative, and reporting functions for the school. The application was rewritten in 2006 and now runs in Omnis Studio against an OpenBase database.
  FieldLink is a single entry system that collects information from the field and allows for a suite of monitoring, evaluation, and reporting functions to be performed on the collected data. FieldLink is currently used by NGO partners in 11 countries in sub-Sahara West Africa, administering the USAID Ambassadors' Girls Scholarship Program.
  The SumProp application is used by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Property Office to administer all property holdings throught the Institute.
The BoardRoom
  The BoardRoom is a custom application used by a major garment manufacturer to track and administer garments through their entire lifecycle, from sample design and fabric aquisition through cutting, assembly and final shipping.
  The UltimateDb is a custom application used in-house to manage all aspects of coaching a Middle School Ultimate Frisbee program. Functions include player management, team lists, scheduling, scorekeeping and reporting.